Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Remind yourself of the real thing

I am a keen cyclist, doesn't mean I'm very good at it, or even very regular - but I like to drop my cycling keenness into as many conversations as I can. Actually, I might be a gadget guy, in any case I have quite a gadgety bicycle: it's a Brompton M3L. It folds into a neat foot square and can be cleanly tucked away behind the spare bed - which flat-dwellers will appreciate is a huge thing in its favour. All this makes it a prized possession, a significant lifestyle choice and therefore well worth upgrading to titanium! Brompton do make a model using the metal titanium and of late I have been bidding for such a model on eBay. I had unsuccessfully bid on 5 bikes each of which closed at a price above my budget. For the last 5 weeks I had not been out cycling.

Yesterday, my darling wife made an evening demand for a punnet of cherries, sometimes her favourite fruit. The trusty folder unfolded in 5 seconds flat and I rode out to the closest grocery outlet - no cherries, I gathered up the courage to ride out to the one that is further out - across two major intersections and a rather steep uphill for a 3-geared machine. We found the cherries.

But I was reminded again by the surface of the back roads in these parts how front shocks save your arms, how rear shocks save other parts of you. And as I returned home with the cherries and the jarring, I thanked myself that I had stuck to my budget on the Titanium affair.

So 700 pound should win it, do you reckon?

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